Mike Flood, Chief People Officer & Fundraising

Mike is the Managing Partner at Connectivity Capital Partners.  He is also a serial entrepreneur with a mind-blowing network, who was born with the unique gift of “connecting.”  Prior to CCP, Mike founded and built Westwood Partners into one of the most successful financial services focused retained search boutiques.  Mike is still involved in senior-level search and advisory work through Westwood.  Before launching Westwood, he co-founded The Capstone Partnership, another independent search boutique.  He started his career as a Principal with Seaforth Investments, a U.K.-based venture capital firm, and earned his BA from Albright College.  When not glued to his smartphone, Mike is either at the gym or spending time with his family.  He is an incredible athlete, a doting dad, and a huge fan of his wife’s original photography.  He also has an insane knack for remembering movie quotes and other crazy, yet often useless facts.